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Integrated Tracer Services

Maximizing Recovery Minimizing Cost


 We specialize in a range of subsurface chemical and radioactive tracing services to determine saturation and flow property of various fluids in reservoir, well and production facilities for operational evaluation and improved oil recovery.

  • cts-IWTT - Interwell Tracer Test - For Reservoir Flow & Sweep Characterization
  • cts-PITT - Partitioning Interwell Tracer Test - For ROS & Infil Evaluation
  • cts-SWCT - Single Well Chemical Tracer Test - For Sor & EOR Evaluation
  • cts-MITT - Mud Invasion Tracer Test - For Swi/Soi & Formation Evaluation
  • cts-FFTT - Frac Fluid Tracer Test - For Multi-stage Frac Fluid & Inflow Evaluation

Unlock Your Reservoir Value and Potential




cts-IWTT provides a range of Value of Information to improve reservoir knowledge particularly in relation to the flow characterization of water, gas, steam and chemical injections. 

With the improved reservoir knowledge, oil operators will be able to better understand flow characteristics, identify reservoir/geological heterogeneity, estimate remaining oil saturation, assess gas miscibility and ultimately improve sweep efficiency.

Oil operators use cts-IWTT data to optimize operating conditions in order to maximize oil recovery and minimize production forecast uncertainties by integrating tracer data into dynamic models. cts-IWTT data are crucial to operators to help design and evaluate various reservoir conformance and secondary/enhanced oil recovery 


A fundamental list of reservoir information acquired from cts-IWTT:

¨ Understand network of reservoir connectivity.

¨ Determine source of produced water or gas.

¨ Understand flow pattern and behaviour.

¨ Measure volumetric sweep efficiency and flow geometry.

¨ Assess inter-layer, fault and fracture flow communication.

¨ Estimate remaining oil saturation to waterflood.

¨ Assess gas miscibility in the case of gas injection.


Oilfield Technical Services

Analytical Solutions


We provide laboratory analysis of various fluids and phases (passive tracer, active tracer, water, oil, gas, steam compounds) using state-of-the-art and ultra-sensitive analytical equipment and facility with detection limits from ppm to ppt levels.

Water Solutions


We offer various water related studies, analyses, chemicals and field services primarily for IOR and EOR programs to optimise oil production and increase oil recovery.

Specialist Solutions


We provide various specialist products and services in partnerships with reputable and innovative companies to bring unique solutions to reservoir, production and operational challenges in a cost effective manner.